Contest Pricing


$0.54 per entry
  • Single contest type
  • Single day contest
  • Automated scheduling
  • Email communication and schedules
  • Credit card payment via OpusEvent gateway required
  • Single Event Manager


$0.63 per entry
  • All of the Features in the BASIC tier plus...
  • Parent/Guardian Payment via email
  • Special Requests for scheduling
  • Public schedule


$0.77 per entry
  • All of the Features in the ESSENTIAL tier plus...
  • Multiple Contest Types
  • Multi-day contests
  • User defined data
  • Up to two Event Managers
  • Layered Security


$1.10 per entry
  • All of the Features in the ADVANCED tier plus...
  • Utilize your own Credit Card Gateway or OpusEvent Gateway - your choice!
  • Custom Lists/Invitations
  • Adjudication Forms
  • Certificates
  • Roll up contests
  • Unlimited Event Managers


  • All of the Features in the PROFESSIONAL tier plus...
  • Your legacy adjudication forms are incorporated into Opus Event (ADD-ON - see below)
  • Student are sent Performance Links to upload their music and record the audio/video performance
  • Adjudicators judge remotely entering scoring data into your forms online
  • Adjudicators can provide written feedback or record audio/video feedback for the performance
  • Teachers and Students are sent results links which give them access to the adjudication results


$1.50 per entry
  • This can be added to any tier (note that it is already included in the VIRTUAL TIER)
  • Provides Virtual Adjudication in a face-to-face contest/festival
  • During the performance, judges enter scores online as well as feedback
  • Feedback is available online for the students and teachers to review
  • Eliminates the need to distribute written adjudication forms to participants


$50.00 each (one time)
  • This is a per-form fee for incorporating your adjudication forms into OpusEvent
  • You can have any number of forms
  • The fee is one-time in the first year you utilize the forms. There is no fee in following years as long as the forms don't change

OpusEvent Credit Card Gateway

OpusEvent maintains a PCI compliant credit card gateway available to OpusEvent customer. The following processing charges apply to all OpusEvent gateway transactions

  • The cost of each credit card transaction is $0.40 plus 4.0% of the gross amount
  • Credit Card Reports are available at all tier levels
  • Transfers are processed within two to three business days and proceeds will arrive at your account in one to three business days based on your bank's policies. (Some restrictions apply)
  • After the number of allocated transfers in your chosen tier, each additional transfer is $5.00